LilySpeech Will Help You Write a Blog Post Fast

When one writes a blog post, you need to sit on your computer, put on your headset, listen to your favorite Jango music, and type what you have to say. Hopefully, in a couple of hours, you have something that’s written well. But today is something different. You can actually not type but talk it over using LilySpeech and will take a little time shorter to finish.

LilySpeech is a software where you can add a touch of creativity to write a blog. You are actually not writing but allowing the software to write for you through dictations. You can go slowly for first time users or faster for experienced users, and whatever you say is written down through your software. You can allow formatting or editing within the article and in less time, you now have a polished draft ready for publishing.

How to Write a Blog Post Quickly?

Use LilySpeech Free Trial to Test if the Software is Right for You

You need to download the software in your computer, tablet or smartphone. Record what you want to include in your blog and it will be recorded by the software.

Open Notepad or Microsoft Word for documentation

Ensure that when you start dictating, you have opened notepad or word for the text. To make your dictation systematic, you need to prepare an outline to organize your text.

Click the Microphone Button and Start Speaking

To enable LilySpeech to capture everything you say, speak slowly and by paragraphs to make individual recordings. Note that in a blog post, it will have to include introduction, body, and conclusion.

Once Done with the Post, Check if You Have Not Forgotten Anything

You can read through your post and see if everything has been tackled or discussed. If you need to format or edit a word or phrase, you can command the software. Check for spelling and grammar. This is to ensure that everything is organized and well written.

Publish Your Work!

Now that you have written a blog post through dictation and everything seem to be fine, you are ready to publish the article.