Update : Joren App now has “In-App Messenger”

New Push Notification Feature

Know Your App Status with New Feature

Our app, Jore App has been simply there for you to see the preview of your app. However, on February 20th, 2017, Joren App has added New feature of “In-app Messenger.”

In-app Messenger

You may download or update “Joren App” from either platform if you haven’t done it so.

4 Things you can do with New “In-app Messenger”

  1. get an update on the “App Status” of your app with direct message from Team Joren.
  2. be informed when you need to modify your submission based on the Joren review.
  3. receive messages from Joren whether you pass the review on each/either platforms.
  4. receive a push notification when your “App Status” has changed.
4 things you can do with “In-app Messenger”f

BTW, What’s “App Status”

“App status” is current phase where your app is going through. In reality, you will have to be on a long ride drive till you see your app in each stores.

Joren Review

Your app will be released under Joren’s developer’s account. To protect other client’s and Joren’s brand reputation, also protect your app in the same way, Team Joren will be strictly reviewing your app contents and the correctness of content rating you applied.
Besides, Joren designer will be checking your app to see if your app looks “awesome” in store.

App Store Review

After you pass the Joren review, your app will be automatically submitted to each platform (Google and Apple). If either/both platform finds any violation or inadequate contents on your app, they would notify Joren and put your app in pending or rejection. If the reason of pending or rejection was solvable by Joren Team, we will immediately correspond to each issue.
If there is a case either/both platform ever point at your contents to correct,and if it is not in the realm that Joren can handle, you will be notified by us with “In-app Messenger.” As you handle the pointed matter, you can communicate with us from “In-app Messenger” if you have any questions.
Once you are done with correction, you will re-submit your app to the review on your Joren dashboard.


Each platform (Apple & Google) takes different review guideline and reviewing time could also differ. Once you pass both platforms review, your app will be published to the app store. Once your app is published to both store, we will notify you with push notification and “in-app messenger”.

We will be releasing more new feature upcoming week and month.
If you want to be part of our magical experience, visit our site from link below :)

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