What Is a VPN?


VPN or “Virtual Private Network” is a means employed to add security and privacy to public and private networks, like Wi-Fi, Hotspots and the Internet. VPNs are regularly used by corporations or larger bodies to protect vita information.

While office workers in reading this may take the word VPN as meaning what you need to log into to work conveniently at home, I would love to let you also know that the Acronym VPN is a lot than that. By connecting to a VPN, your Web traffic moves along a hidden channel to the VPN services protected server before branching out into the wider Internet. This simply says that the internet hackers “bad boys” — whoever they are, advertisers or government guards — will not have access to your Web traffic, or monitor your actions on the Internet back to you. When you might need to use a public Wi-Fi network, like such at your local coffee shop, you might need to secure your VPN to be assured no one is obstructing your traffic.

VPNs secure your privacy, but they can also unlock secured content. Activists and Journalists use VPNS to avoid government control and contact the outside worlds in countries with impressive internet policies.

With VPN unlocking region-locked content is possible such as BBC and Netflix streaming services but thank Goodness that many companies have started to fight back against VPN cheats on the internet. Check for more information on PureVPN

From the starting point, PureVPN looks so different from all other privacy or security applications. PureVPN delivers a customized knowledge depending on what your selection is on the screen prompt menu from five different options display, like “I want to unblock” or “I want to stream”. This is a wonderful idea but not to new users who likely may not know anything to use it for beyond just the function VPN for security or privacy.

You can search by country and select a server accordingly while you select the privacy option and make a choice from the search bar. Well, a bit disappointing that the search function can’t search cities that are within the country and sometimes a bit slow to responding. In choosing your server, privacy should not be the only consideration. Other settings are more pointed out like “unblock” which lets you select whatever you want to watch either Netflix or an option that you are inside china.


Among many functions, one of the best performances is that it can operate on five different devices at a time. This is a great feature for PureVPN as many other VPN services may only allow you to operate one or two devices on one account at a moment. Also, any particular service terms is not bound on you.

The interface is beautiful and clean, feels much easier to understand and use than any other VPN services. This design is really much appreciated only that it was a bit slow. Once PureVPN is connected, you can see your connection status, your device current IP address, and your time duration in the down part of the network. Also you can see your traffic chat, displaying your frequency range during the session. It is useful in that it creates awareness of your internet usage.


· Multiple logins up to 5 at a time

· In one package you can assess all servers

· Different apps and softwares

· 20+ devices compatibility

· Data transfer unlimited

· Split tunneling

· 99.99% activity

· Supports live chat all day and anytime

· Auto protocol Section

· Wi-Fi function

· Devoted IP

· Over 80,000 users

· Internet kill switch

· Third party not allowed

· Fastest VPN service

· Secured/protected browser

· Server switching unlimited

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