Have you heard about the Hummingbird series? There are definitely one or two questions hovering in your mind. Yes, this wonderful creation and perfect display of captivating characters, events and scenes should set every sensible heart aflame with burning desires to know more.

The Series…

Hummingbird is a psychological thriller inspired by true life events happening currently all over the world and gaining its roots deep into the United States’ soil.

Its high shot of suspense, adventure, actions and character drive is aimed at diving into the high sense of reasoning behind every decision, actions or choices each of the characters take which is the only way we can truly understand why young men and women from all over the world after being recruited online would join the deadly terrorist group so called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and take up arms against their own soil.

Thousands of young people who apparently don’t have any reason or connections to join ISIS find their way into this extreme path unknowingly. With them, thousands of families whose beloved children have been involved in this evil group still can’t fathom what geared their actions or motivated them to give up their lives. They were loved and cared for, they never lacked nor had any reason to take this path and no one saw it coming. Not even their own families. There are still many who are currently planning to take this path or already plan to give up their lives for an aimless course to destroy their own soil and kill their own families. This series is aimed at diving into the minds of young normal people who are in the process of being recruited by the deadliest terrorist group of our current age.

All characters displayed on the hummingbird series emerge from different backgrounds representing a separate set of cultures, beliefs, and practices. This line-up aims at giving each ethnicity a voice since America was and is still being formed to a large extent by immigration which of course, is the only way to help it remain true to its multi-cultural nature and strong foundation. Despite our cultural barriers and differences, the only way we can prevent our nation from burning to ashes or extermination is simply by staying united which is exactly what the ISIS group is up to threaten. They know that threatening our unity is the only way to shake our great nation with diversified cultures, beliefs, and practices.

A critical study of the ISIS war will reveal that they aren’t only up against our western societies but also and particularly against their Muslim brethren who peacefully live in our societies and have embraced our cultures, beliefs, and practices. The ISIS group is continuously striving to turn the whole world against these Muslim all over the world by means of bombing and acts of terrorism just to cloud our sense of judgment and make us believe that all Muslims are Terrorists.

Our utmost duty is to strive and understand the difference and never let the fear cloud our right senses of judgment. If we do otherwise, we may be giving ISIS a planned victory.

Some True Events That Inspired The Hummingbird Series.

• The United Nations Security Council in May 2015 recorded more than 25,000 foreign fighters from more than 100 countries around the world joining ISIS and other Jihadist groups in Syria.

• The office of the Director of National Intelligence in June 2015 recorded more than 250 individuals from the United State who traveled or attempted to travel to the conflict areas, Iraq and Syria.

• The former FBI director James Comey in October 2015 revealed that about 900 active investigations are being carried out by the FBI on homegrown violent extremists.

• And now in 2017, there’s already a considerable increase in the records.

Gradually, the war is leaving the Middle East, finding its way into our homes and settling in our own children’s bedrooms. Now is the most significant moment to pay close attention to ISIS recruiting techniques and seduction process to lure our children away before our country and families get completely destroyed from within.