Oops!!! Fail To Get Access of the setup.ampedwireless.com

  • Associate the PC connected with the router with the assistance of the Ethernet connection.
  • Switch ON the power supply of the Amped router.
  • Watch that your PC IS NOT related to any wireless structures. If it is, cripples your Wi-Fi alliance separate from each wireless structure, control the Repeater on and off, and attempt once more.
  • At that guide close toward your present program. By then endeavor to get to the program again.
  • Explore the web address of the setup.ampedwireless.com to the different programs.
  • In the unlikely event that you are not prepared to get to the login plan page of the amped wireless router by then should get to the router with the IP address.
setup amped wireless wizard
  • Keep checking that your home system may be confirmed. Keep this thing in mind you were entering the correct login password to access the login page.
  • Try modifying the channel number of your Home Network change to channel 5 through 11.
  • Reboot your Home Network router and attempt to interface again accessing the Smart Setup Wizard.
  • Check that your Home Network router DHCP server is locked in. The Smart
  • Repeater needs to get an IP address from your Home Network router.
Amped Router Firmware Update
  • Navigate your favored Internet program and type the web address of the setup.ampedwireless.com to the location bar of the program.
  • The login plan page of the Amped wireless router will appear on the screen.
  • Here you can enter the Admin Username and Password of the access the login setup page of the router.
  • On the login course of action page, you can see the Administration option then click on it.
  • At that point click on the firmware update option open on the screen.
  • Click on the Firmware update button and proceed with further.
  • In the wake of tapping on the firmware pick the report place location where you need to save your downloaded file.
  • Transfer and after that present the update firmware variation.
  • You have to keep things under control for specific minutes it will require some investment in the moving method.
  • Your Router will reboot and reset again.
  • If the customer needs to change the mystery key with the web address www.setupampedwireless.com.
  • Open the web program and type the area of the Amped wireless router into the location bar.
  • Enter the username and password.
  • At that point go to the advanced settings by then go to the organization Option and after that, select the password.
  • Here you can enter the old mystery word and put the new password and thereafter re-type the new password again for confirmation.
  • Fill all the necessary fields and by clicking the Ok button proceed to the accompanying stage.



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Amped Wireless Extender can be set up through a WPS push-button or by using a web-based management page. For web-based management page type setup.ampedwireless.