2nd Game of July: Headlander

Well, let me start by saying that getting Headlander on pre-order was a better idea than getting Dariusburst CS. I was surprised how much i found myself enjoying the game and it’s atmosphere and setting. Add fantastic mechanics, a fun, but not overtly funny storyline, mixing in some Metroidvania exploration and you got yourself a winner!

So, What i thought about it?

I was a little concerned about it initally. It averaged around 71 on OpenCritic, but later Averaged to around 73–74, which gave it a general ‘Strong’ rating. (It currently rates at 78, with a general Strong rating.)I tend to make the mistake of pre-ordering the game and reading the early reviews once they start coming in. Good and Bad. This tends to make me prematurely regret my purchase, even though it was not an issue this time around.

Did you complete it?

Yes, i got an overall completion of 73% which included the final boss battle. After that however, i felt a bit burnt out on the game, and deleted it from my Playstation 4.

Any issues?

Yes, I personally experienced with some frame dropping when there were a lot of lasers whizzing about the screen. Other than that i didn’t have any problems with the game.

What Stood out?

The really well thought out map system. I was able to clearly see where i was, where i needed to go and what room i was in. Each node had it’s own shape, which helped me keep track where i had been and where i needed to go. There were also those little ball icons indicating, usually, where all the hidden stuff was. Just launch from a body, go towhere the little ball icon is, and use vacuum to get rid of the cover thingie. Easy peasy.

Would i recomend it to other pepole?

Yes, but not to people who are familiar with Metroidvania style games. Why? Because i feel that to them, the game will be a bit to easy and simplified for them to enjoy it properly. But then again, it’s better for people who’ve not had a lot of experience with Metroidvania style games. So maybe to them.