Taking up Projects — A Logical Approach

There is something more useful for this world in this context don’t you think so? Writing articles and getting them published is not going to change your world drastically! Then what is going to change it beyond recognition. Earning money should be a full time task? Should it be? Chasing your dreams should be a full time task — everything else should be secondary don’t you think so? Doing something because you love it is more important than trying to achieve something only because it would get you something else. You should also love the means as you love the ends. What do you love doing? Using a software is easier than building a software. Is it because it is easy?


The Venn Diagram for things you do

The task that you do must have the following features

(1) Capability: You must have the capacity to do it — Or first build the capacity to do it
(2) Money: You must be able to monetize it i.e. find a third party that is willing to pay for you to do it
(3) Love: You must love doing it — so that you can keep doing it forever.

How do you order these things — carefully?

Order assumptions — (A) HIGH (B) MEDIUM (C)LOW

High love — Medium Money — Low Capability

- (3) (2) (1) Love doing — Money — Capability [Fantasy — Pilots — Love being one — huge money — but you aren’t capable]
x (3) (1) (2) Love doing — Capability -Money [Hobby — love gaming — capable — but no money]

+ (1) (2) (3) Capability — Money— Love Doing [Job — Capable of Writing — Get paid for it — but you don’t like it — so you do it anyway]
x (1) (3) (2) Capability — Love Doing — Money [Hobby again]

(2) (3) (1) Money — Love Doing — Capability [Fantasy again]
(2) (1) (3) Money — Capability — Love Doing [Business]

When you are incapable of doing something but when there is monetizability then we can outsource the capability part and take of being interested in the aspects of it

Start working on your capacities build reserves as much as possible then invest the reserves you have built in outsourcing capacities

[A] (1) (2) (3) Capability — Money — Love [Skilled Worker]

[B] (2) (1) (3) Money — Capability — Love [Manager]
[C] (2) (3) (1) Money — Love — Capability [Investor/Outsource]

[D] (3) (2) (1) Love — Money — Capability [Fantasy/Delusion]
[E] (1) (3) (2) Capability — Love — Money [Low Paying Job/Philanthropy]
[F] (3) (1) (2) Love — Capability — Money [Hobby]

[A] (1) (2) (3) Capability Money Love — A natural choice would be to choose the options with money first — the ones that generate huge amounts of cash would obviously be placed on [A] but that is a silly mistake — how can you make more money when you don’t have the skill set or the capacity to do something — forget about love — love might be over rated to begin with but it is the drive that keeps you going till the end. When you begin you must concentrate more on your ability to do something and to convert most of it into money — which falls into the immediate next. As a matter of fact it does not really matter if you like doing it or not. Your objective is to be able to do something and create some money.

[B] (2) (1) (3) Money Capability Love — Maximizing wealth must be the immediate next goal — but you must be able to have related skill sets for the same — that is the reason you can’t choose something you love that can generate more money over something you are capable of and can generate more wealth. The former falls into the next category.

[C] (2) (3) (1) Money Love Capability — This is a dream come true — You are heavily paid for something you love doing though you are barely capable of doing it. Assuming that you don’t have the skill sets for doing it. Then you can outsource the job to someone, and oversee the money making since you love doing it but the fact is that you don’t really do anything. You merely show interest in the project being done.

[D] (3) (2) (1) Love — Money — Capability; Though you might not be earning as much, you can live with it because you love it very much, that you can get it outsourced, and derive pleasure out of getting it done.

[F] (3) (1) (2) Love — Capability — Money; E and F are cases where you do things for your own pleasure or pressure — for others — where you don’t many any money — or lose money doing it — it would be for your own pleasure — even when you are not capable of doing it i.e. not skilled but you do it anyway to keep yourself happy — that would be your hobby.

[E] (1) (3) (2) Capability — Love — Money The Case where you possess the required skill set but work where your full skill set is not exploited is a case of deliberate carelessness or constraint to settle for less.

Let us understand how to approach life from this perspective.

The first objective is to inculcate skill sets and monetize them at a radical pace. Then to outsource the skill set and generate money to finally move on to things you love doing, not concerned about money