Approach to development as a service or “putting dust-in-eyes”

Don’t make mistakes choosing a development team!

What is a service itself?

Let’s have a look at what service means. It is a delivery, meant to satisfy any client’s needs.

It is necessary to say that the only thing that you may call service is a delivery, not any contact with a client. Also, this service delivery must satisfy exact needs of every particular client. Making any additional deliveries or satisfying needs, which client didn’t even come up with yet, cannot be called service.

What is a bad service?

Now, we need to define the meaning of “putting dust-in-eyes” phrase. What does it mean? In this particular condition, it is a not-effective service delivery. Service may become such if one of those things happen:

  • Offered services are worse than those, that client had in mind
  • Service does not satisfy client’s needs
  • Client model does not include client’s view of services

So, for service delivery to be effective, it is necessary to know exactly what client wants, what he can possibly need, and only then proceed to satisfy him.

Any development is a service delivery, one way or another. It can be an order for a new machine model, or making a smartphone application. Anyone can deliver service, either it is a huge company or a single individual person. It is usual that companies make less mistakes due to their big client base or reputation. However, working with individuals may not be as effective.

He’s protected from dust being put in his eyes!

Real-life situation

A freelancer, who took an order to make a brand-new site for furniture marketing, including four pages, all with their unique design and functional. Client gave him an exact specification, and divided the whole task into four parts: one working page and it’s design every week, up to four weeks.

Developer is working in accordance with deadlines, each week getting ready a part, which was specified in the technical task. Site is ready to be exploited in a month. But, as soon as the work is done, and developer is paid, there are some errors and problems to be found in the product. 
Site was made in a full accordance with given specification, and yet the service was not effective, client is upset, and his needs are not satisfied. This is exactly what “putting dust-in-eyes” is.

An advice for customers and developers

Every developer must understand, that even the most competent technical task cannot represent every client’s need. They are often to be “completed.”

Sometimes, you may even encounter someone, who approaches to every task with an intention to “put dust in your eyes,” giving you a beautiful shell, instead of a product needed.

To avoid those encounters, it is best to work with a united team of developers, who will prioritize client’s needs. By giving them a very competent technical task, which includes deadlines, everything you need and a corresponding price, you make service delivery quite effective. This way you will bypass the “dust in your eyes.”

Success stories.

The most common example of how successful digital service was made is story of the taxi and house booking digital companies. In 2010-s digital services (apps and websites) for taxi booking became their way to change this service forewer and ever. 
Uber, Gett, Yandex taxi are the ones who provide modern, useful and client-oriented taxi service. 
The airbnb and such companies became a real trend in hotels and appartments booking.

Those are wxamples of making a successful digital service in non-digital business spheres.
There is no doubts that more and more professional software development digital services will appear. (And the Eulerr is one of the first)


For service to be effective, it is necessary to understand what exactly an individual client wants, “complete” his needs, satisfying them afterwards. Every customer must be very attentive and competent, while forming a technical task and during the whole process of development. Otherwise, you will end up with “dust-in-eyes.”