Sport Is My Life

Sport has and always will be an integral part of my life. Having grown up in a small country town, sport filled my weeknights and weekends. Each Saturday, most families would venture across to the local recreation reserve to support their kids playing cricket, football or netball.

Communities thrive under the unity that a sporting club fosters. Engaging the community through volunteerism, donations, fund raising and the focused direction of a common goal. Sport also provides a sanctuary for enjoyment, challenges, competition, and can even act as an escape from many of the pressures of life.

Now, I believe it is my chance to give back to sport, after providing me with so much. Whether it is organising opportunities for the office to get active on a lunch break, or providing the opportunity for a junior footballer to make it to the big league, I will deliver on the fundamentals and aim for the remarkable. Designing consumer experiences that are tailored for the participants at each step of the consumer journey.

I want to deliver sporting engagements in the best way possible, making the experience for participants and staff as enjoyable as it has been for me along the way. At Limelight Sports, we do this. We create memorable experiences for you; the individual, the team, and the wider support team.

As a sports engagement agency, we create sports experiences and build communities, both real life and online. We passionately believe in their power. My role at Limelight Sports gives me a buzz; the excitement, the hard work, the pressure to deliver, the sweat that goes into each activity. We do this to be with you every step of the way, helping you create your own story.

Jason McCurry

Account Coordinator

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