Why Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ?

In my journey of learning Blockchain and Cryptocurrency I met difference type of people the worst part are those who want to be rich as the soonest so they just joined the hype without even want to learn a bit about bitcoin and crytocurrency. These type of persons quite sucks and just called the enthusiast as weirdo’s and coming back forth to ask for free advise; if you are one maybe it’s better to wake up !

At first am also a bit skeptical but when I learn the underlying technology that backed bitcoin and cryptocurrency I realize AHA moment, why?

Because the possibility given by these new technology more than short times of hype that shown by the market at the moment, Right now lots of people try to race to control the consensus but it’s a long road.

The main reasons why this cryptocurrency will live because of the capabilities to move, flexibility and fluidity that can’t be control by certain organizations (at least not yet), by the way if you want to use it to do something illegal, I am sorry to say these you still could be detected by CIA and FBI even though it’s decentralized when the token being exchange to fiat money (real money like USD, SGD, etc.) that’s when government could detect it.

There’s several article that’s good to read to understand about bitcoin and crypto currency:

  1. https://blog.coinbase.com/a-beginners-guide-to-ethereum-46dd486ceecf
  2. https://medium.com/@laurenthaug/the-missing-concept-to-understand-blockchain-dc918a3af957
  3. https://medium.com/@colin_/thoughts-on-the-taxonomy-of-blockchains-distributed-ledger-technologies-ecad1c819e28
  4. https://hackernoon.com/wtf-is-the-blockchain-1da89ba19348

My advise is never follow the hype if you are not sure of cryptocurrency because you might end up blaming other persons for wrong decisions that you made by yourself, these article explained it well https://hackernoon.com/eight-simple-rules-for-protecting-your-cryptocurrency-5cdddc9f674d

Disruption is good things because it make things advance in faster pace it forcing people to adjust same things like internet back in 1990’s nobody even realize the use of it but nowdays you can’t live with it.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain still have long way due to the volatility but as time goes by many trial and errors created to created a sustainable eco ssytem that will sustain the ledgers system. For the unbanked blockchain and smart contract will give them a new life to be able to do transaction in seamless manner without even have to fully disclose their personal information’s.

I would love to hear your opinion regarding bitcoin and other cryptocurrency volatility and how you will build the ecosystem to runs on it.