2021 in Retrospect

2021 highlights

  • Started doing more active work in church
  • Learned a bit more about God and my relationship with Him
  • started a podcast with two seasons and 2,500+ total plays currently.
  • Traveled more and actually crossed out two bucket list items in my birth month. (Paragliding & Piloting)
  • Drove a long journey at night ( about 8+ hours.) It was exhilarating
  • Learned a lot about personal finance and investments
  • Went all in on crypto and our portfolio is up almost 50% YTD. Haven’t regretted my decision yet.
  • Took my fashion decisions a bit more seriously lol.
  • Switched jobs (might be considering a slight shift in career paths soon)
  • 1st anniversary as a boyfriend. Yaaay
  • Solid working team over at LH
  • Growth in personal finance. (293.5% increase in income and 10x growth in savings)
  • Earned my 1st 100k and saved my first 100k (this is in Ghana cedis BTW)
  • Became a plant dad
  • Almost every project I touched this year was fun to do. Really proud of my portfolio this year.
  • Got myself a few new toys for my birthday, Got others a few too.
  • Worked on fewer projects than last year but we made more revenue this year even though we did not hit our revenue goals. Still grateful.
  • We’re still alive and well with a chance to be better each day.
I set out last year to find Balance in my life. No, I didn’t exactly find it, but I’m better off today than I was yesterday. This design was a reminder for me every day.


  • Lost my Dad and an Auntie
  • Destroyed my chance of making close to a million Cedis. I paper-handed a lot of BNB because I was hungry and lacked knowledge. (This one’s on 2020 as well)
  • I know there were a lot of trashy moments this year but I don’t remember them. Is this a good thing or should I be concerned? 🤔
  • Anyways, we mooove.

2021 has been an interesting year overall, with your usual ups and downs, failed experiments and fun discoveries, a lot of confidence and motivation while still finding time to doubt myself a lot. I’ve been so sure of myself at certain points and I’ve also faced major confusion. Probably more than I’ve ever experienced.

Even as I write this, I know I’m going into the new year with uncertainty, but huge ambitions and goals that seem impossible. But one thing this year has taught me is that a strong mindset, mental visualization, and consistent action really does work magic even when you’re unsure of yourself or the outcome.

The most important lesson I want to try and remind myself of also is to stop comparing myself to others and only compare my current self to my previous self. Comparison is indeed a thief of joy that puts us in very toxic situations. It eats away at our hearts and destroys our souls little by little without us even noticing. So, instead of comparing myself to friends and other people who are doing well for themselves, I’d rather be inspired by their hard work, stay happy for their success, and ask myself these questions;

  • Do I have enough for today?
  • Am I doing better today than I did yesterday?
  • What is the most important thing for my journey? I bet it’s different from theirs.
  • Fast or slow, am I moving? Because movement is the most important thing.

If my answers to these questions are yes, then I should be content with what I have. Not complacent, but content in my heart. And confident that I’ll keep moving forward.

Why is this important for me? A lot of my friends made huge wins this year and in as much as I am genuinely happy for them, a part of me wished it was me in their positions. I acknowledge that it’s a completely normal emotion to experience, but I shouldn’t leave room to nurture it because it’s nice to have the whole team win, even if they’re winning more than you are. It all happens for a reason. And hindsight always teaches us great lessons.

Now there were a lot of things I planned to do in 2021. With all the passion and excitement in the world. Did I follow through with all of the plans? Nope. Only got through part of it but I learned a lot of lessons that would help me better plan this year more realistically. I also stumbled on a lot of other things I didn’t plan for but were very helpful to my growth and development in my career, life, spirituality, and finances. But that’s life. It just seems to happen when you least expect it. That being said, I think it’s still good to have an overall plan, a guided path to help you focus on what’s important (if we’ve even figured that out lol) but we have to keep an open mind and an open heart at the same time to welcome new experiences and to learn new things and lessons.

The year started with me setting a lot of goals centered around my business, career, social impact, personal finance, spirituality, and relationships. I wanted to become better at a lot of things and find balance in my life as well because I felt overwhelmed, misdirected, had a huge sense of loss, coupled with a lack of fulfillment. would be safe to say that I kinda hit close to rock bottom at the end of 2020.

Don’t get me wrong, 2020 was great for me in many other ways but it would be unrealistic for me to have expected 365 awesome days. Did I find the balance the way I thought I would? I don’t think I did but I appreciate the imbalance of life and the beauty in the imperfect seasons more. I think life would be boring without them.

2022 is upon us and as I do at the end of every year before I take my hiatus, we’re making plans to keep us on track and to help us become the versions of ourselves we hope to become in the future. Taking things one day at a time. If you’re interested in seeing how I’m planning to spend my life next year and how you can plan yours as well, click/tap on this link right here. I might have a surprise for you.



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