Firebase Cloud Firestore Impressions : It’s finally here!

Henry Lim
Henry Lim
Oct 8, 2017 · 2 min read

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Firebase launched one of the biggest Firebase features on October 3: Cloud Firestore. Firebase Cloud Firebase is a cloud-hosted, fully-managed NoSQL document database by Firebase. It’s designed for you to store your mobile and web applications’ data at global scale. Cloud Firestore is currently available in beta.

Very easy to setup

Use it everywhere

Faster and better query

But with Cloud Firestore, this will not be a problem anymore. No matter how big or how small is your database, you will still get the same performance when you doing querying.

Queries scale with the size of your result set, not the size of your data set, so you’ll get the same performance fetching 1 result from a set of 100, or 100,000,000.

Offline support

But if you are using Cloud Firestore, it has offline support for Web, Android and iOS. Means the app still can read, write, listen to and query data even if the device is offline and it will synchronize the local changes back to Firebase once the device is online.

(For web developer) this is very useful if you are building Progressive Web Apps and you want your web application supports full offline capability.


Also, Cloud Firestore is currently still in beta so the stability is not always the same as the fully launched stable product. But once it’s out of beta, it will be way better than Realtime Database!

Learn more about Cloud Firestore here:

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