New Photo Picker in Chrome 64 Beta

Left: Old File Picker; Middle, Right: New Photo Picker

In the older version of Chrome for Android, the Chrome’s file picker is a small popup at the bottom of the screen, giving the user the options of choosing the camera, video camera or the file manager.

However, a new photo picker is introduced in Chrome 64 Beta, it has an improved user experience with multi-select support. With the new photo picker, the user can choose recent images directly in the photo picker, without opening a separate app.

Here’s how to use the new photo picker:

<input type=”file” accept=”image/jpeg,image/png” multiple=””>

The new photo picker works on any site that uses <input type=”file”> with an accept attribute specifying that only images are accepted. You can add the multiple attribute if you want to allow the user to choose more than one image in the photo picker.

Note: The new photo picker is only available on Chrome for Android (64 Beta or above).
If you are not using Chrome 64 Beta (or newer), you can enable this by setting the #enable-new-photo-picker flag to ‘Enabled’