History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

I really not sure if Russia is really how you make it out to be…

Putin to want all Russians under Russia — very possible. 
Putin to want to conquer Europe — I’m not so sure.

And we cannot ignore the fact that USA is stirring trouble everywhere around the world. As well as the fact that Russia was very weak after the fall of the berlin wall; but was forced into rebuilding their military due to the threat of missile defense shield being set up around the borders of Russia (which will eliminate Russia’s nuclear deterrence capability).

Yours is a good article still; from the perspective that USA is indeed the good guy and had been doing everything in good faith. Unfortunately, once you factor in that this is not the truth — USA is a huge villain in half the globe populations’ eyes — your verdict / assumptions will have to chance drastically.

Many countries still respects USA, not because USA is that awesome righteous country that is so great, but because of the overwhelming military & economic might that USA have in possession thats is being used to silence any countries that unwilling to follow USA’s lines.

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