The 2:4:4:2 Rule of Finishing Pending Work

Do you feel stuck at work sometimes? Do you feel overloaded with post-its telling you the tale of all the pending tasks?

We all like completed work. No one likes getting up in the morning with a mental list ready of all the pending work ready to break your day at 6am.

Follow this simple 2:4:4:2 rule and am sure you’ll see a difference in your work life. Its cent percent original, so its tried and tested and it works.

2 tasks rule.

Prioritise two tasks at a time. Not more than that, lesser is allowed. DO NOT think about the third task onwards till the time you finish the two on priority. And don't cheat. Start the third and fourth tasks only when you finish the first two. Believe me, its better to concentrate on working on two rather than worry about the pending four.

4 hour rule.

9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm. Modify it to your work timings. Make your timing deadlines in these two brackets. Means, if you start a task at 9am or 12.30pm, aim to close it by 1pm. Start new tasks 2pm onwards and finish them by 6pm.

Starting something by 10am and aiming to finish it by 6pm, surely does not work.

4 work deadlines rule.

Do not schedule tasks and jobs so that more than four tasks have a deadline of the same day. It is catastrophe, we have all been there, done that. Be a better planner, schedule jobs accordingly.

2 hour no work rule.

Want to get work done the next day? Stop working for the last two hours before you sleep. Otherwise, you'll be mentally exhausted even after a six hour sleep. Because you're constantly reminding your mind of the pending work and nearing deadlines.

Most importantly, pending work makes work life duller than it actually may be.

Let's complete the work.