How to Enjoy Planning your Wedding & Staying Stress Free

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You’re nervous…It happens to the best of us. The thing is, when it comes to us being nervous or having an excess amount of anxiety — our physiological response is the same whether it’s a wild animal running our way, or whether it’s a story we create in our minds. Our body doesn’t know the difference, so it reacts the same as it would for both situations. Heart rate increases, pupils dilate, and your body’s natural fight or flight response kicks into gear. Our breathing pace quickens, our blood pressure rises, and we’re on edge and your significant other is suddenly terrified of you! Don’t worry about being nervous on our Northern Virginia Limo Service, our chauffeurs drive smooth!

Before you panic know there are plenty of things you can do to prevent this cycle and get back to those feelings of love and happiness that should be surrounding you while planning for your wedding.

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Is it your thought pattern? If you feel a cloud approaching check in with your thoughts. Are you feeling stressed about something that hasn’t even happened yet? Or stressing about something you need to do like the Limo Service VA recommends that you need to reserve. That’s just unnecessary stress, refuse to focus on it and return your attention to the present.

Do you have too much energy? When our nerves go on overdrive it can be useful to get rid of that extra energy and tension. Stuck in a chair at work? No problem, do some isometrics.

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Clenching muscle groups for a few seconds then releasing them. This form of exercise can help your body relax and return your mind to the present like a Party Bus Northern VA loves.

Does your stress gain momentum? You might find if you start your day out slower you’ll move at a more peaceful pace. Try yoga or basic stretching in the mornings.

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