Things to Know About Sacramento Airport Transportation

Sacramento international airport is the main airport in the American State of California and one of the leading transport hubs in entire United States. Thousands of travelers and visitors arrive in the airport daily on various pursuits. The airport is about 16 km from the main city and therefore transport to and fro the international airport is a major concern especially for the first time visitors. It is therefore expedient for the visitors and travelers to learn all about the Sacramento Airport transportation facilities available.

Road Transport from Sacramento International Airport

Sacramento international airport can be accessed directly from the Interstate 5 at the exit 528. Other freeways can be reached are CA-113 and CA-99. Travelers can resort to Yolobus as public transport system that leads not only to Sacramento but also to Woodland and Davis. Conversely, the travelers and visitors can opt for the Executive car service Sacramento that would be a little more expensive but offers great freedom and relaxation. In addition the airport limo services are also available for the visitors with friends and families.

Following the Ground Rules of the Airport

Travelers as well as providers of Sacramento Airport Limo have to follow certain airport regulations. These regulations are applicable to drivers conducting pickup or drop-off services for the passengers. There are certain ground rules that every driver has to follow. For instance; the drivers have to wait in queue within the designated staging area of the airport. If the staging area is full the driver must leave the airport premises. They should also have to understand that the rule for the queue is first-in-first out. Either the physical position of the vehicle or driver or the cancellation by passenger does not affect their respective places in the line. To facilitate learning about the respective positions the airport authorities have put in place an app that can indicate the respective position in the queue helping the passengers and drivers equally.

Different Terminals at the Airport

There are two different terminals facilitating Sacramento Airport transportation. Terminal A is meant for shuttles and taxis with reservation. On the other hand Terminal B is meant for pre-arranged transport and pickups. In addition; there is also a rental car terminal where rental cars are available at the outer curb. The inner curb is the bus lane attached to the airport.

Suitable transport facilities are available at the Sacramento international airport for all types of visitors and travelers. It is for the traveler to choose the right one according to his or her requirements and budget.