How To Deal With Limousine Service Obligations In Basel

Basel is a beautiful city of Switzerland and hiring a limousine in the city is not a big deal. When roaming around the city, limousines are easily seen on the roads. A lot of limousine renting services are available in the city which even makes the pricing affordable.

Renting a limo in Basel is just a phone call away but before renting any limo, some obligations have to be considered.

Experts recommend having clear communication with the hiring companies before finalizing the rent out. All the questions and queries of the client must be satisfactorily answered. Here is a list of questions that any person should ask the service providers before hiring a limousine in Basel.

Confirmation of time

In Basel, limousines are hired and charged on an hourly basis. One can hire a limo for a few hours, half day and full day. So when one is hiring, it should be very clear that which package is selected. The client as well as the driver should be punctual and the exact time of arrival and departure should be made clear.

Waiting charges are also specified by the companies and the client must be informed about them. If a limousine arrives at the clients place at 9 am, the time given by the client but the client boards the limo at 10 am then the waiting charges will be charged by the company.

Executive limo

The executive limousines have some standard protocol and rules which have to be followed strictly by the client and the driver. The company can deny taking the customer to some specific places where they may think that some technical harm can be caused to the limo.

If the client has some personal routes on which he needs to hire an executive limousine, he needs to clearly communicate that with the company beforehand. And also ensure that the route is not risk causing.

Inebriated Passengers

The limousine renting companies don’t have much apprehension on carrying inebriated or drunk passengers in the limousines but it is always better to confirm while renting the limousine. If the passenger is attending a party where there is high potential to get boozed, then the limousine should be called in good time and also the company should be informed that the person travelling in the limousine will be inebriated.

Timing ambiguity

There are events when the client is at a party or an event and has no idea about the time at which the function will end or what will be the departure time. In such cases, it is advisable to book the limousines for home dropping at an earlier time.

The time for limousine arrival should be chosen an hour or so after the dinner time. It will help the chauffeur to arrive at time and will also allow the passenger to conveniently say goodbye to the hosts. IF a limo is booked at the last hour, the charges will be higher. It is also possible that the chauffeur has to wait for a great deal of time while you are still at the event and it will be incurring a long list of waiting charges.

Follow these tips to deal with limousine cars service obligations and enjoy the limo service Basel.

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