LimX Dynamics raises close to 200M yuan to propel the development of wheeled quadrupeds, humanoids, and AI for robotics

LimX Dynamics
6 min readOct 17, 2023

The general-purpose legged robot company LimX Dynamics has completed its angel and Pre-A round fundraising, with a total amount of nearly 200 million yuan. The angel round witnessed the participation of several top venture capital firms, including FreeS Fund, Stalagnate Capital, Future Capital, and Kinzon Capital. The lead investor for the Pre-A round is Vitalbridge, and Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group also participated in this round.

The strong lineup is to empower LimX Dynamics’ innovation in robotics & AI and their application. Their solid financial and industrial support will be dedicated to LimX Dynamics’ wheeled quadruped’s product development, R&D of humanoid robots, and tackling core technological advancements in embodied AI.

LimX Dynamics raises nearly 200 million yuan in angel and Pre-A round

Since its debut in September this year, LimX Dynamics’ pioneering wheeled quadruped robot W1 has garnered significant acclaim from both sides of academia and industry around the world. As LimX Dynamics moves forward in collaboration with its strategic partners for W1’s product deployment, the focus will be on continuous hardware and software iterations, and driving advancements in real-time terrain perception, integration of perception with motion control, and high-performing actuators to further crack the commercialization hurdle of quadrupeds.

By integrating both Model-based and Learning-based methodologies, LimX Dynamics has been developing groundbreaking core technologies for its humanoid robots, which is also shared with its quadruped robots, focusing on advanced on-terrain perception and adaptability to complex terrains. With its vision set on pioneering an all-terrain mobility platform, LimX Dynamics aims to achieve stable mobility across diverse terrains from point A to point B.

With a core team that has garnered more than a decade of expertise in robotics, LimX Dynamics stands at the forefront with its state-of-the-art perceptive locomotion algorithms, advanced legged robot reinforcement learning algorithms, and proprietary high-performing legged actuators. Embracing a visionary approach that capitalizes on the benefits of software-defined hardware and motion intelligence for legged robots, LimX Dynamics is on a strategic path to pioneer powerful and reliable motion control solutions for general-purpose AI robots.

Dr. Wei Zhang, the founder of LimX Dynamics added, “The integration of perception and motion control is pivotal for the next generation legged robots. It forms the essence of our Motion Intelligence technology at LimX Dynamics. Globally, only a handful of teams are as dedicated to the R&D of legged robot motion intelligence as we are. Our team boasts world-class research, a knack for technological breakthroughs, and an elite pool of talent. With our technological edge, our focus is sharpened on advancing product foundation for wheeled quadrupeds, technological breakthrough of humanoids, and the fusion of AI with general-purpose robots. Our commitment is to perpetually stay at the forefront of innovation. In this journey, we’ve partnered with the investors who share our vision and can support us being continuously dedicated and competitive in navigating the path of general-purpose robots’ innovation.

Lenovo SVP & President of Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group George He said, “General-purpose robots play a significant role in industrial upgrading. Legged robots are the inevitable form of the kind with strong adaptability in industrial environments. Their biggest challenge lies in perception and motion control. LimX Dynamics is leading the way in areas such as multi-rigid body dynamics, real-time terrain perception, and legged robot reinforcement learning. Based on the advantages of our CVC2.0 ecology, we will continue to empower LimX Dynamics in accelerating commercialization and R&D of wheeled quadrupeds and other types of legged robots in both B2B and B2C sectors.”

Feng Li, Founding Partner of FreeS Fund and Qianhang Yan, Vice President of FreeS Fund stated, “As the robot industry progressively moves towards more complex scenarios and applications, legged robot and AI become the key direction for industry upgrades. Transitioning to all-terrain mobility goes beyond mere hardware adaptations; it signifies a shift towards the integration of real-time perception and motion control. The core team of LimX Dynamics has a profound foundation in the technologies. They possess world-leading software algorithm capabilities for legged robots and continue to conduct R&D of AI for robot motion. We are optimistic about LimX Dynamics’ approach through key technologies, driving the continuous development of general-purpose robot products and crossing the commercialization threshold soon.”

Eric Xia, Partner of Future Capital remarked, “Cognitive Robotics is an emerging opportunity that Future Capital have long been optimistic about, and legged robots are a vital form of it. LimX Dynamics is one of the few teams that stands out in the legged robot sector with both advanced software and hardware capabilities. They have deep expertise in legged robot dynamics and are at the forefront in new technologies like AI globally. What’s most impressive is the growth of the founding team, originating from academia yet leading in technology iteration and implementation, constantly being demand and product oriented. We look forward to the subsequent technological breakthroughs and product commercialization from LimX Dynamics.”

Vitalbridge pointed out, “The academic background and innovation of the team at LimX Dynamics ensure they remain long-term leader in the integration of legged robots and AI. Moving forward, the technical key for legged robots lies in the deep integration of perception and motion control. LimX Dynamics continues to overcome the long-standing technical challenges facing legged robots, especially achieving breakthroughs in all-terrain mobility, paving the way for the practical application of general-purpose robots. We believe the team at LimX Dynamics will bring more innovation and development to the industry, boosting the era of general-purpose robots.”

Kinzon Capital’s Partner Haibo Yao noted, “We have long been making strategic investments in the realm of robotics, with particular emphasis on startups steered by the next generation of scientist entrepreneurs. The founding team of LimX Dynamics is an excellent representative. As one of the earliest angel investors in the team, we’ve witnessed the breakthroughs and disruptions brought by LimX Dynamics in software algorithms and product innovations. Our investment strategy, often described as ‘horizontal and vertical’, exemplifies our commitment to the robotics domain. Vertically, we continuously delve deep into the robot industry chain, investing in several core upstream enterprises, promoting the formation of a closed-loop ecosystem. Horizontally, we are committed to being the earliest entrepreneurial partners for scientist entrepreneurs, covering pioneering research teams from top Chinese and international universities and research institutions, aiming to shape the future.”