LimX Dynamics W1 Evolves into a Biped Robot

LimX Dynamics
2 min readMay 10, 2024

As a general-purpose mobility platform, LimX Dynamics W1 is now more than a wheeled quadruped. By evolving into a biped robot, W1 maneuvers slickly on two legs in different ways. Its multifaceted motion control capabilities unleash the generalization of embodied intelligence.

LimX Dynamics W1 Evolves into a Biped Robot

W1 Dual Mode: Height Comparison

Height Comparison

· Prone height: 35cm

· Quadruped mode: 55cm

· Biped mode: 152cm

· Mode switching time: ≤ 1 second

· Switches between modes at ease

W1 Biped Mode: Non-stop 360-Degree Rotation

Non-stop 360-Degree Rotation

· Rotation speed: 60 rpm

· From a standstill, accelerating, decelerating, back to a standstill

· Seamless and smooth execution

W1 Biped Mode: Upright Free Gliding

Upright Free Gliding

· Glides forward and backward

· Glides along curved paths in both directions

· Adaptive velocity

· Flexible steering

W1 Biped Mode: Slick Maneuvering

Slick Maneuvering

· Straight mobility between shelves

· Smooth 90-degree turns

· Smooth and stable movement, easy to control

W1 Biped Mode: Collision Simulation

Collision Simulation

· Simulated Inspection Scenarios — collisions with shelves

· Random collision and self-recovery, maintaining stable upright motion

W1 Biped Mode: Step Walking

Step Walking

· Both quadruped and biped modes can glide, step, and walk

· Seamless transitions, smooth movement