quick write: SAN; terminal 9.

It’s kind of crazy to think about how many people come and go from an airport in a day, week, or in a month. The amount of lives that trade small moments of insignificance and those lucky ones that share stories of wisdom, experience, and pain.

I wonder about the man that sits in front of me right now. With a newspaper curled in his inner jacket pocket & a shiny new Apple MacBook resting on his beige khakis, you would think he is a man of importance, one that needs to know all that was going on as soon as it did…But with his unkept silver-lined hair, beat up running shoes, and worn and weathered windbreaker, he seems to resemble more of a mad scientist than an esteemed business man.

I’ve been sitting here for over 5 minutes now & he has yet to look up from his screen once. Furrowed brows and what seems to almost be a grin of interest…one that borderlines worry, he’s completely enveloped into the happenings of his laptop.

Update: He has taken out an older iPhone 4…beat up shoes, a brand new laptop & an old phone. A man that just wants to get his news in any way possible before continuing his trip to where he believes will give him the answers to what he’s looking for now.

But of course I’m sitting here romanticizing these people more than they’re maybe worth.

Slightly behind him to the right, there’s a sweet looking pair of people, her with a bright red scarf & him with a bright white smile. She looks up to share a few words and a smile with him before diving back into her book. I wonder what their story is. She steals sweet glances at him more than he does…however he does tend to lean in when he speaks to her, but never completely turns his head to look at her. It’s something that I would think is too sweet to be family but not sweet enough to be relationship. I wonder if they’re finding their way…Is this a business trip that they were thrown together for? Or is this something out of the movies where they share a mutual friend who is getting married.

Just to the left of him there sits a small family. A mom, a dad and a son of maybe four…they seem to be traveling somewhere for the holidays. Scarfing down fast food at 8 in the morning, they watch as their son runs around with his small carton of chocolate milk. All of a sudden things slow down to slow motion, the small yet incredibly crucial white straw falls out of his carton and onto the mysteriously dingy airport carpet.

Slowly I reposition my body to see what this loving father will do in this utterly important moment, knowing that this boy needs his daily 8 A.M. chocolate milk…but I sit here in silent shock as I watch him simply shove the plastic straw back into the carton, not even wiping it down once.

Strange how so many people view such a simple thing in a different way isn’t it? My mom would’ve never dreamed of allowing me to use that straw again, worried and probably completely over paranoid on what could’ve been living on that floor.

That’s the best part about airports isn’t it? The people watching? Wonder what their individual backstories are and what brought them to this place…

Like I said before, so many people come and go from airports, they’re all running toward a destination, whether or not it is going to be their final one. How do you ever know where you’re going is right? How many lives with you touch along the way or will there only be shy sweet smiles from strangers? What’s your story? Who will you share it with?

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