to see the rainbow again.

do you ever feel like there’s a dark cloud following you around? 
mighty & grey, it lurks behind you, 
enveloping your every move in its shadow. 
without rhyme or reason.

so you try your best to carry on with your days.
going through the everyday motions.
wake up. get ready. go to work. make dinner. 

but through this, you’re anticipating. 
preparing yourself for what you know will be a torrential downpour.
the cloud is mighty and grey after all.

you watch your step, you wince and you duck. 
hoping that maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to dodge the rain,
& stay dry.

but there’s no controlling a storm. 
there’s no changing the direction of the wind. 
you can’t predict where lightning will strike. 
&if you’re really unlucky, it’ll even get your socks.

so perhaps the best way to get this cloud off your back,
the best way to see it again, 
will be to welcome her in with open arms. 
and allow yourself to shake and shiver as she performs her best act.

…finally reunited at last.