words for my present self: crossroads.

i wrote a long blog a few months ago about how graduation put me at a crossroads and about how that was probably going to be one of the biggest ones that i’ll come across my entire life.

but i was wrong.

i realize now that for the rest of my life, i’ll be at a crossroads.

i’m no longer tied down to anything, i am my own person and i am willing and capable of achieving things that i never thought i could before.

there has never been more opportunity than now. 
&as invigorating as that idea is, it is absolutely terrifying.

there are so many things that i want to do, so many words that i want to put onto paper, so many concerts to see, so many people to meet, so many strangers to help, so many.

but what do i pick? 
how do you choose? 
how do you know if what you choose is the right thing?

you don’t.

you don’t know. 
&just as terrifying, if not more, you’ll never know until the moment has already passed you. you won’t know if the decision is right until you’ve already made it.

but by that time it’s too late right? there’s no taking it back? right. 
but this right certainly isn’t a wrong.

trust the decision that you’ve made. 
fall if you’re meant too, trip and stumble too.
& fight with everything you have to rise again. 
build courage, build strength, build character.

fly if you’re meant too, enjoy all the successes. 
don’t second guess them, don’t await the failures. 
celebrate and do it wholeheartedly.

you see, the hardest part is when you’re standing there, looking at all the paths to go down, wondering which one is the right one.

but you know which one is the right one, its the one that you keep looking back at, the one that pulls you toward it when you try to take a step toward another.

so trust yourself to make the right decision. 

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