How good is DIESEL watch

Overview of Diesel watches

Diesel is a well-known Italian fashion denim clothing brand. It was founded in 1978 by its founder Renzo Rosso. To date, it has a history of 38 years. Diesel is currently one of the 14 brands of the Italian fashion company Genius, and it is known as the three largest denim brands in Italy with Replay and Energie.

Diesel’s style is very suitable for young people and creative. Design inspiration comes from every bit of our daily life. Designers are good at catching these most common inspirations and are closely linked with the tide flow. Properly exemplified the brand’s youthful character. Before the brand was officially established, Diesel made fine and stylish jeans for the Italian royal family, which made the royal family very satisfied. After all, the source of the noble royal family is scarce, so there is not much income. So, the founder Renzo Rosso and his two friends decided to set up a company that can provide fit, high quality and reasonable price jeans to all ordinary people.

The word “Diesel” has the meaning of diesel or diesel engine. Why use such a word to name his own brand instead of his own name? In fact, Diesel had such a story when it was founded. At the time, the world was facing an energy crisis. Especially gasoline is in short supply, and people find that diesel-driven engines are more efficient than gasoline’s kinetic energy. In other words, diesel has become a new star in energy. And Renzo Rosso hopes that the Diesel brand, like diesel, will become a rising star in the fashion industry.


What is the biggest feature of Diesel watches?

Diesel also aims at the watch market of fashion accessories, and watches have become an important product of Diesel. The large dial and bold design are the characteristics of Diesel. The whole watch is both sporty and stylish.As a stylish watch, Diesel places more emphasis on decoration than performance. Products are not comparable to professional watchmaking brands, so most of Diesel’s watch products are quartz watches. Even a few mechanical watches only have simple functions such as calendar display and simple timing.


So How good is a Diesel watch? How much is a Diese watch?

Because Disai is very popular with young people now, the brand decided to be more affordable in terms of price, the price is generally between $114 -$1428 .Although Diesel is not a very famous fashion watch brand, it can definitely be regarded as one of the very uniquely designed brands. It’s very personal, and inspiration is intimately connected with every bit of our lives. That is very suitable for young people who love sports and fashion.





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