How quitting a hobby kills of a piece of you

As kids, we all have hobbies, we give up on them as we grow older. Because it was just a hobby. Maybe just a time killer even. It is only when you stop, you start to miss something. And maybe that is just what it is: the hobby.

I danced all my life. I’ve never been the best, so when my motivation was low, it was easy to give up on it. Now two years later, I’m starting again. Not for the talent I feel the need to use. But for my legs who constantly tell me to start again.

Like I said I was never the best. The moment I wanted to make a future out of it and realised I was far from good enough, I quit.

At first I was just happy to have the extra free time. My schedule was less heavy and it felt like a huge relief. While I was, unknowingly, cutting a part of myself.

Maybe I wasn’t the best at it, but I still was better than the average. I was good. Good enough for a hobby. Ifyou’re average good and you enjoy yourself, you find a pretty good hobby. I know that now.

Two years of not dancing woke me up. I was dancing in an empty hall at the gym, in a waiting line, in the bathroom. My body, my legs tried to tell me I needed to get started again.

Despite the time it will cost me, despite the distance, despite the fact that I probably won’t have any friends there.

Despite the week that will be packed with going to school, working, blogging, social life and well, adding dancing. So be it.

It’s an obligation to myself. Because I owe it to myself. To my body that begs me to dance.

If not, I will regret this for the rest of my life. Dancing is a part of me. Not dancing would mean not fully be myself. I can’t think of anything worse.

I’m 19 now, I know it is still very young and I’m very happy I came to realise it very quickly. A lot people only feel regret of quitting their hobby at a much later age.

But it is never too late to start again. Even if it is just something you want to try. 
It can be a bummer. At least you know it was a bummer. Not doing anything is worse than making a mistake. If you don’t play, you can’t lose.

If you won’t try, you’ll never know.