Illustration by Lina Mass

The new reality

Canceled or postponed jobs are mine and half of the globe people’s email feed. This is a new reality. Things are not working the way it was. Denial is not working either. Cause it never does. Accepting and moving forward with the situation as it is at least works for me.

As we choose how to react to our new reality we also choose what kind of information to accumulate to our mind. When it all started I was checking the numbers frequently as it would somehow magically change the situation for the better. Later I realized, I have no…

jį galite įsigyti už 5 eur

Kažkodėl įsisąmoninome, kad logotipas yra ne tik verslo atpažinimo elementas , o nepaprastai svarbus verslo simbolis.

Kuriame brendus susikoncentruodami į logotipo dizainą. Jais manipuliuojame tol, kol jie atrodo geriau, aštresni, modernesni . Griebiamasi visų priemonių, kuriomis bandoma atkreipti dėmesį: Ei, žiūrėk, kas mes esame“ arba Dėmesio! Mes pasikeitėme. Prašau pamiršti apie tą skandaliuką. Tačiau patys logotipai iš tikrųjų nieko nesako.

Logotipas gali supažindinti žmones su jūsų brendu ir padėti juos surasti bei atpažinti, jie negali pasakyti klientams, kas jūs iš tikrųjų esate ar kas jums iš tikrųjų rūpi.

Nepaisant reiklaus dėmesio grafiniam ženkliukui, jūsų…

Finding your passion early does not guarantee an easy way

Early in life, I became obsessed with graphic design. And, when I say early, I do really mean early — like in the first grade.

I am sure I did not even clearly know what I was wanting nor if that kind of profession existed. The decision was made in the late 1990s….

But finding your passion really early does not guarantee you a straightforward road or that the end result would still excite you.

As a graphic designer, I felt something was missing

However, 25 years later I found myself working in an agency. With the title of the graphic designer. Doing the work I was dreaming…

3 basic steps to create a brand foundation

Most entrepreneurs and business owners get into a particular field because they saw an unmet need, were they instinctively felt inspired, driven, and passionate about helping themselves and the others.

Most of the times initiatives come from their personal experience of not getting what they need or want. Itchy strong emotions are definitely involved.

On the next step, they promptly order a business plan, vision, mission statement and put a logo on it and out into the blue business ocean. The passion and drive and inspiration is buried deep under the marketing and promotional communications in a competitive battle.

Yep! I did it again. I used the same Simon Sinek Golden circle theory as it was in my first article. Still, it’s not used widely enough.

Why creating a logo is simply not enough for thriving businesses

It’s easier than ever before to start your own business. Because of that, there are more products to choose from.

– How your products differ from the competition?

– Why customers should choose your product instead of another if every product has a logo on it?

– What does a logo say about your company?

“The Brand Gap” Image by Marty Neumeir

What is a logo?

Simply put, a logo is a unique design or symbol that represents an organization.

Logo makes your company’s product or services and company as a whole to be discovered, remembered and for repeated interactions — recognized.

Logo primary function is to be identified. It does…

Learning lifestyle explained.

Imagine you are hungry. You are at home — came back from the vacation and there is nothing to eat at home. The refrigerator is empty. It’s getting late. You cant find any food in the cupboard. You have lots of bags to unpack. You want to take a shower and go to sleep. At the same moment, you imagine yourself how it would be nice to stiff your stomach with food. You want to be full. You assume quickly possible variations:

You can go to the shop to buy some food;
You can choose to order food…

30-year-old person letter to 20-year-old ones

Illustration by Lina Mass

We all have big dreams for ourselves in our early adult lives. Everyone has a different vision and understanding of what success is. But that does not make us to want it less.

We all are blessed with youthful maximalism. We want it all. All trump cards are in our pocket — time, beauty if we are lucky enough health. Life excites us. Future excites even more. For the first time, we are responsible for ourselves. We can make decisions and choices. And this dream goes for more or less a decade…

And Baaamm we are 30. Baaamm a decade…

Illustration @LinaMass

Some people call it passion. Others name it the calling. So that thing has lots of names, I will call it “the thing”. But most of the people do not know how to find it and get it.

Why is it important to find your calling, passion, or mission in life? The thing is that one day we catch ourselves living on autopilot. What do I mean by saying living on autopilot? We work, we get paid, we entertain ourselves on weekends, and deep down in our heart we feel something is missing, we dream about doing things, that just happen to be not the ones we are actually doing. And here we are at the edge of our lives, standing on one side of the rock and imagining ourselves on the other rock.

Lina Mass

Brand and visual identity designer. Curious soul. Life long learner. Interested in design thinking, human behavior, and psychology.

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