How can investors still believe in LINA NETWORK after 10 months from the day of TGE?

Within the last 2 months ago, we witnessed the growth of LINA token from $0,023 to maximum $0,4 (In Nov 2nd ), it means the growth is ~20 times to the bottom price and 4 times to presale price.

What happened?
Go back to January 2018, the first event was hosted by LINA in Thailand, its name was Thailand Soft Launching. In this event, Co-founder of LINA NETWORK — Mitchell Pham introduced LINA to community in the world. In this month, LINA organized TGE (Token Generation Event) in Geneva, Switzerland and TGE was successful.

In May, LINA signed MOU contract with 8 Companies/Corporation in Thailand for applying Supply Chain on Blockchain. This event made a turning point for LINA team and community, due to be the first company, after IBM and Walmart, had the partners to deloy Real applications on Blockchain.
After May, LINA was continueing to make Laos to be the first Country in ASEAN and the third in the world applying Blockchain into Government Management. That means Government Management will be more secure, transparent and easier for management.

It didn’t stop here, LINA continued to be invited by Vietnam Government. Co-founder of LINA NETWORK-Vu Truong Ca was in Vietnam Prime Minister Conference disussed about Industry Revolution 4.0 and gave some advice how to build Vietnam become a leader of this Revolution.

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