The most powerful Media in the world reported on LINA Network


To New York, Micheal Bloomberg is one of the most respected people. He has held the Mayor position for 3 consecutive terms, from 2001–2013. With his talent in business, Bloomberg became #13 billionaire ranked by Forbes.

😀😀 Michael Bloomberg founded and owns 88% of #Bloomberg L.P — a media company about Financial & Information Services.

The #Bloomberg newspaper is rated as one of the most powerful media empires today, with more than 2,700 journalists collecting, writing, or distributing news around the globe.

Recently, Bloomberg has imposed a fee for reading News on its website. After 10 free articles and 30 minutes free on Bloomberg TV, readers will pay at least $ 34.99/month if they want to continue reading or watching this news.

LINA Network on Bloomberg news

😀😀 According to Johnberg Micklethwait — Editor-in-chief of Bloomberg newspaper, “People will pay for the breaking news, especially high-quality information. I believe that young people are willing to pay for trusted content, instead of worrying about fake news.”

We can admit that #Bloomberg is one of the most popular Newspaper today, voted by all users around the world.

😍😍 And … Today, Bloomberg has officially reported on #LINA #NETWORK: “LINA Network Corporation Promotes the Building of the First Blockchain-driven Government in Southeast Asia”


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