That Unforgettable Hospitality

“You don’t choose to be in the hospitality industry, it chooses you.”

This is what the Executive Chef at my last internship told me. The best thing about attending NYU was living in New York City and having access to the vast array of internship opportunities available here. I don’t think that I would have been able to gain as much hospitality experience had I studied anywhere else. And if it wasn’t for my internship experiences, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to score this awesome job at SALIDO.

From my time working at a bunch of different hospitality groups, I was able to observe the inner workings of the restaurant world. People in the restaurant industry give their blood, sweat, and tears for their work. I’ve seen it before: the manager who comes in at 6AM and is still at the office at 11PM, the Executive Chef working the night shifts week after week due to a shortage of staff, cooks sitting on upside-down buckets wolfing down family meal before quickly returning back to work.

It is not often that people are willing to sacrifice so much for something that they don’t love or feel a burning passion for. So… what is all this hard work for?

Wikipedia’s definition of a restaurant is “a business which prepares and serves food and drinks to customers in exchange for money.” But is it really about money? From what I’ve heard, the restaurant industry is not very lucrative.

A restaurant is a place that offers you love and warmth through food and drink — parceled up and presented as a unique experience. Immeasurable amounts of thought have been put into every single detail to provide you with unforgettable memories.

Another Happy Memory: Oysters Galore @Bar Sardine

Think back to some of your happiest memories, how many have occurred at restaurants? Some of mine include my celebratory dinner when I got into NYU, my college graduation dinner with my family that flew halfway across the world to see me, birthday dinners with best friends, and countless meals through which I’ve gotten to know the people who I’ve come to love.

These priceless memories are what people in the hospitality industry are working — day and night, night and day — to create.

Oddly enough, restaurants are using the most antiquated technology and least user-friendly systems out there. Casey, our co-founder at SALIDO described it to me as building on an already broken foundation with more and more new fragmented systems that don’t communicate with each other. Finally it emerges as a monster: an entirely disjointed system that makes no sense and is incredibly frustrating and time-consuming to use.

This is where SALIDO comes in. SALIDO strives to simplify and enhance day-to-day restaurants operations by combining everything needed into one single platform. Our team consists of experts with deep expertise in design, product, engineering and hospitality, all working to create the most cohesive platform ever seen. We combine all the tools needed to run a business including Point-Of-Sale, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Information Systems, Supply Chain Management and put it all under one login. No more outdated software. No more siloed data. No more complicated systems. No more headaches.

Luckily, we boast a vast network in the industry and are backed by the best hospitality groups including STARR restaurants, Jean-Georges, and Esquared Hospitality. And since we have access to the best minds, we are able to obtain invaluable feedback and design that feedback into our product. This is what we call “design-in” and it ensures that we create the most exceptional product possible. SALIDO is made by hospitality professionals, for hospitality professionals.

Our goal at SALIDO is to allow restaurants to focus on what they truly care about: serving their guests and providing that unforgettable hospitality.

Want to know more about SALIDO? Reach out and lets talk hospitality!