If you believe these things, then you have selected entirely the wrong candidate.
Tom Ritchford

It took me the better part of two days to figure out how to hell to respond to comments. So there’s that…

First off, thanks for the comments. All in all, I agree with you. You make the same valid, reasonable arguments that I’ve made myself or listened to much smarter people make to me.

Where you’ve gone off the rails a little is there at the end. I don’t claim to be a nice American, nor am I idealist or optimistic enough to believe that Hillary is the great white hope of the democratic party. There are so many layers of complicated issues that make this a meandering and endless argument, and frankly I don’t want to make them.

I don’t think Hillary is a peacemaker (nor do I buy that she’s a profiteering war lord), but I think we have to start somewhere. Bernie didn’t win the nomination. Johnson is (in my opinion) the worst kind of Liberterian. Stein is unrealistic. And Trump is a trigger happy narcissistic with no respect for the system (note: not the establishment, fuck them, the system) or human beings. I’m not turning a blind eye to Hillary’s many, many problems, I am choosing — eye’s wide open — to vote for what I have determined is the best choice for buying us four more years to try to get something better together.

In those four years, while things may continue to be a shitshow, I’d rather them be the predictable shit show that I’ve come to understand, rather than a new kind of shitshow that jeopardizes more seriously the health and livelihood of my family.

People should suffer for the Iraq war, but so too should those involved with the Vietnam War and anyone still beating that drum is wasting time, energy, and opportunity. If you were sitting in the oval office, a memo ten pages long in front of you with all the current and future bullshit you have to deal with, I’m not sure that you have a whole lot of time for reparations. I imagine you’re too busy trying to knock through a congressional and house cock block to get something done.

What’s so frustrating about your comments, though, is that is appears that you seek to make voters feel ashamed and powerless. To keep them home. I’ve read through your comments on other pieces and you take the opposition to every one. A vote has to be cast in November. A choice has to be made. And while I’m happy to chain myself to some building a chant about the Iraq war, I’d rather do it in late November, after we’ve gotten someone other than Trump in office.

This is America. We are selfish, bullish, rude, and capitalistic. Why then at election time to we pretend to be the victim of our own society, the one that mirrors both ourselves and our communities? We created this. We started these wars. You, me, everyone. We started them by wanting cheap goods more than living wages. We played the short game and now the long game is squeezing us and we’re looking for someone else to blame. These evil politicians, these wars, these policies — we created these.

So, yes. I am with her this election. But not because she doesn’t have blood on her hands or evil in her soul. She may have those things. But she’s smart enough to care what the public thinks. And so long as I’m the public and I keep pushing and screaming and forcing a different POV, there’s hope. There is no hope with Trump.

But yay for spirited dialogue.