Here are some words you have said to me out loud:
Dear Boy
Stella J. McKenna

What is wrong with modern men, I wonder?

I’ve been into that dating game for awhile and the only thing I’ve luckily stolen from it — my own pride. 
I mean, if I joke better than a guy, can physically and financially satisfy myself — why would I waste my time on the relationship that is going to crush anyways? 
I am so curious about the reason, why don’t the male human-beings develop themselves not only in the GYM, gramming the pics of their six-pack, but in a intelligent way, too. Why is that when you go to the bookstore all of the books written about relationships’ psychology are addressed to women? Right. Because men don’t give a poop about what a women needs in the modern society.

Thank you for sharing this, Stella. 
Didn’t mean to sound a desperate feminist.