The Two Types of Workers +1

My students at Jyuku have started studying the most interesting area of all science subjects in Middle School — Astronomy.

Today I explained them about the Galaxy, Milky Way, and The Earth. One thing that struck me was that half of my students didn’t know that Earth is the third planet from the Sun…


I told them that everything in Space is made of energy and that light is energy too. One of my students asked me an interesting question.

“Then, is money energy too?”

My answer of course is “YES”. The conversation follows.

S1 “You’re crazy”

Me “Right, I don’t disagree with you. Do you have any other questions?”

S2 “How can money be energy? Does it travel like light? Light is energy too, right? What is energy?”

Me “Well, I’m not very smart so I can’t explain what energy is. But, I can explain about the Two Types of Workers +1. Maybe you can get an idea of why I’m saying that money is energy”

My talk about ‘The Two Types of Workers +1’ starts.

“Normally, there are two types workers.

  1. People who work.

This covers probably 98% of the population on Earth. Do you know what they do? They do their job. Doing their job is like, completing tasks. It sounds boring, but there are many types of jobs so I actually think about 20% of them is happy, loves their job and appreciates it as their career. Which is a good thing.

2. People who make other people work for them.

These people are mainly business owners. You have to understand, that technically, #1 isn’t working for #2. #2 is making #1 work for them. The reason why people can work, is because there are people who want them to work for them — otherwise you will have no jobs, you’ll have to create your own. These people do the “creating jobs” part for you. But it is also true, that if there are no workers, they can’t make money either. People in this category, understand that the time and the amount of work they can do is limited, which results in limited earnings. So they make other people work for them, instead of them working. But I am sure that 80% of people in this category have prioritized wealth, fame and reputation over happiness. They know how to make people work and how to make money — but they don’t know how to be happy.”

S2 “How can I be #2?”

Me “See, the thing is, do you want to be #2? There’s nothing wrong with #1. Some people are fit to be #1 and some people are fit to be #2. You have to know which one you’re comfortable with. If people with the mind and energy of #1 tries #2, it will not work. If people with the mind and energy of #2 tries to work as #1, it’s a living hell for them. So it’s really up to you.”

“But the most important thing is that you’re happy.”

“No matter which worker you will become, try to be at the place you’re happy with yourselves. As you start working, you will realize what kind of jobs you like and what kind of jobs you don’t like. But the most important thing is the people you work with. I love teaching, but if you weren’t my students and if the teachers were different I might have not loved this job.”

S1 “What kind of jobs do you NOT like?”

Me “haha, I hate completing tasks. I like jobs with creativity, education and engagement.”

S2 “And what’s the third one?”

Me “Okay, so in my opinion this is the most recent type of a worker and people who realize it are already shifting towards this category. I realized recently that I actually belong to this type of working style.”

3. Free Style

These people don’t belong in class 1 or 2. They prioritize their happiness, what they love doing, their freedom and they decide how much their work is value. They don’t like to work with “hourly wage”, “monthly salary” or “Yearly salary”. They don’t like ‘security’. They don’t like other people to put prices on them. The difference between #2 and #3 is that #2 is hungry for money, but #3 on the other hand, is hunger for their happiness but still understands that money has an important role in life.”

S1 “I still think you’re crazy”

Me “That’s great, because most of the people you’re surrounded by are people who are called ‘the normal people’, and I’m happy that you’re seeing someone different, with different lifestyle and different perspective”

S3 “It’s a bit difficult for us”

Me “Of course it is. I know it’s difficult for you. Everyone around you think it’s difficult for you, that’s why they don’t tell you the important things. But I think all of you have the ability to think about what I’m saying.”

“Okay! Let’s get back to talking about the Galaxy.”

I really love exchanging conversations with my students. It make me realize things I haven’t paid attention to, and it’s a kind of reassurance that I want to pursue my career in education. But I want my career to go beyond just academic education. I really believe that school is where students can learn to be happy, express their passion and prepare to be what they want to become.

On my way back, one thought crossed my mind.

There are people who go to school to “start a business”. I really think this is nonsense. I think this is nonsense because you’re how many grand behind when you graduate and have all the skills to start a business?

Here’s a smart thing to do, if your purpose of going to school is starting your own business.

Start a business, make money, and go to school with no loan or debt.

Think about WHY you’re going to university. Think about what you want to invest your 4 years and money for. Is it really worth it?

Although I had ups and downs, I am very happy that I left university knowing I wan’t going to become an accountant. Now I know what I want as my career.

Now, I know which working class I’m in and I know why I’m going back to school.