With all due respect, a word search in the “90 years ago” article turned up nothing on Georgetown.
Neil Cotton

Yes, I do remember you, Neil. Unfortunately, I don’t think you have read my words very carefully. *I* witnessed racism in that time. This is not just an essay based on a few news clippings; I am talking about my lived experience. I have cited a handful of anecdotal examples here, but those are just scratching the surface. I attended meetings to address fights that had broken out “with black gangs from Brampton.” I heard language I will not repeat here. The three screenshots above are included because they are rather representative. I saw good things happen at GDHS as well, of course — this is not intended to be one-sided. However, what I am really getting at is contextual understanding, and setting an example. I am heartened to hear of students rallying around PoC in the school, but I hope that you will take the time to reflect a bit further, after this initial response. Make sure you aren’t remembering selectively when you say you did not witness any racism in 31 years. The language we use is very important, and very powerful. Remember that inaction can also be action. Yes, this current discussion should centre around the younger generation, but that has to include providing them with information. Thank you for your reply; I hope that you are well.

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