Mobility in Project Management

In today’s business environment mobility became more than just a buzz word. It has a deep meaning behind it for any company. Essentially PM (project management) mobile apps allow team members continue to effectively collaborate anytime, regardless of their whereabouts. That is why most successful PM platforms have mobile versions that can be accessed from most popular devices.

Project management apps for mobile devices nowadays can include tons of various features, to the point that they make look some on-premises software look weak. However, these highly powerful tools seem to never catch up with public and fade away.

So, what makes a mobile PM app effective? Well, to put it as simple as possible it is its ability to access all the vital data, perform limited task management, keep you up to speed and establish communication.

Data access

Ideally, PM app should let you view some simple text and visual documents and let you share them easily. Thankfully with the cloud SaaS type PM systems, this is no longer a major problem.

Task Management

The reason we’ve mentioned limited task management is because you don’t want to make a mobile app too heavy on functionality. It should accomplish all the essentials, be fast and intuitive. You don’t want spending any unnecessary time on the bus going through numerous pages and scrolling through the UI updating every single detail. Everything should be accomplished in just a few clicks.

Mobile version needs to show you task and deadlines and give you the ability to easily create one ASAP. Plus some push notifications are always nice, just to remind you of most pressing issues at hand.


Built-in time tracking is a must have for any mobile PM application, after all your time is a valuable resource and you need to allocate it with most efficiency possible. Simple time logs and useful functions to clock meetings with record keeping are sufficient enough.


Let’s be honest, it is not difficult to switch from one app to another on a phone. We do it every day in a matter of seconds, in fact, we got to be really good at it, but it’s always nice when an application unifies the experience and has everything you need, including communication tool. Mobile app for project management would require simple message environment with various channels and messaging extensions for comments on files and tasks.

And now it’s is clear why it is so important to have this unison of all functionalities. Imagine the hell of importing a text document from one app to another on a mobile platform and then exporting it into the third app with your tasks. Been there done that. Although it’s easy to do on a desktop, mobile devices aren’t built for those kinds of interactions. PM requires a single system that will take care of everything and will be available for both Android and iOS, instantly.

One of the most well thought-through mobile apps is for the PM software called Easy Projects. The mobility here combines stellar design, simplicity, and top-notch functionality. The mobile app is extremely easy to pick up and has flawless UI. If your business needs a project management software solution with extreme functionality and mobility then Easy Projects is your one stop.