Potato Pizza: Portland

Heart Pizza, South Waterfront

Potato Pizza with Glass, Steel and Concrete

One of the great things about Portland is that every neighborhood has its own distinct sense of place. The South Waterfront definitely does, plus it feels like it has its own time- and it’s the future. Everything is steel and glass and concrete, but in a good way.

In the bottom of one of the futuristic high rises that thrust upward from banks of the Willamette River is where you can find Heart Pizza’s POTATO PIZZA.

Heart Pizza is a Micah Camden ‘chainlet’ (I officially hate that word) that takes, as Portland Monthly puts it, “A chef-y approach to fast food.”

These pizzas “come from the mind of Italian chef Morgan Brownlow” and are cooked super fast in these super fancy, super cool looking hot (875 degree!) Stefano Ferrara ovens.

Oh good Lord. This is all the over-the-top stuff of Portlandia, but I couldn’t resist Potato Pizza.

And when I told Jason, the guy behind the cash register, that I have a potato blog he had my favorite response ever.

“I love potatoes. I mean, really love them. I can’t tell you how many times in my life, I’m just like, get me to the potatoes.”


“So is it good?” I asked him.

“Actually, it is,” he says, perplexed by the impossibility of the concept of good potato pizza. “It’s something we joke about. It’s so much better than we thought it would be.”

And it is.

I tried it for the novelty, but it’s kind of amazing. Potatoes are not the dominant flavor, that would be the leeks and the ‘hot honey.’ But there was a really nice french fry undertone that was perfect. I was going to eat half of the pizza and save the other half for my seventeen-year-old son at home, but I didn’t. I ate it all. Oops.

There is another Heart Pizza in The Pearl in case you’re over there. Though, again from Portland Monthly:

Camden aims to fill the gaps in Portland’s pizza geography. “People always say location matters,” he says, “but they never listen to themselves.”

Sigh. Oh Portland food pretensions. I’m ruined. I’m afraid Potato Pizza just wouldn’t taste right among the warehouses.

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