He asked me what will I write about today?

I answered:Depends where my pencil will take me.

Dearest Jerusalem,

Today I said Goodbye

I shared a silent farewell

Through the sound of the cars honking,

The children shouting

The soldiers smirking by your check points

The palm trees leaning over your intersections

I looked at you for another instant.

Maybe the last time for a long time

My heart has been captured by your magnificence

By your warmth and your charm

From the eldest stone to the latest

I kissed you Goodbye

From the darkest eyes that I wear

I reminisce every charm you have shared with me

Hope to share your beauty one day with my un-born children.

I will miss your street vendors and

the carts filled with scents so exotic

They took my breath away

the markets filled with mountains of spices and canisters of oils

They took my senses away

The blossom of this land

That took my taste away

The beautiful valleys by your outskirts and resonance of thy church bells

Borrowed my soul to yours

You have prisoned my mind

Nostalgic is where my spirit is to experience a disconnect from your actual presence but to remember the charm that has been painted in my soul.

Dearest Jerusalem and it’s lovely surroundings,

So long,

Au revoir.

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