Dealing with Sexual Harassment at Workplace by Lina Stillman

Sadly, sexual abuse or harassment at workplace has become common and victims are not all females and perpetrators are not all males. You could be harassed by your boss, customer and co-worker irrespective of their gender under certain situations. Sexual harassment is an unwanted and unpredictable circumstance that everyone should know how to battle with.

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Lina Stillman an active advocate in the field is here with valuable information that could be helpful to cope up these situations at workplaces.

How to Decide Certain Conduct is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is a serious offence so before going to complain assure the actions or conduct you are reacting up on qualify as sexual harassment. For example

“Hey you are looking stunning” Is it sexual harassment or not?

“Hey I didn’t see you” as your coworker puts off porn in his computer or phone? Would you consider it sexual harassment or not?

“Hey if you don’t sleep with me we we’ll fire you” sexual harassment or not?

In order to meet the required conditions for sexual harassment they need to satisfy following criteria.

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· First example given above surely is not sexual harassment it could be normal conversation or complement but depends on the intent of the person but practically it can’t be considered as sexual harassment. When assessing about the particular action is sexual harassment or not remarked should be “unwelcome”.

· Second statement could be offensive for reasonable person it could be offensive but not for everyone so directly we can’t call it sexual harassment. Deciding whether the action is sexual harassment or not always cut and dried. To conclude about the particular behavior as sexual harassment it needs to serious or pervasive.

· Third example is serious enough too considered as sexual harassment. As people differ in their opinions about what sexual harassment is? For example the boss can carry a sexual relationship with his employee and will not be guilty for sexual harassment as long as things are going forward mutually.

If you are facing some awkward situations at workplace and you are finding your co-worker’s behavior inappropriate make sure his/her behavior met unwanted and unwelcome standards.

What to Do If You’ve Been Concluded Sexually Harassed ?

It’s not easy to deal sexual harassment for everyone, you can find people saying you should have spoken up right then but it’s easy to say and when it comes to taking an action it’s quite tedious.

If such situations are making you suffer at your work place there must be official complain procedure go through the process if it don’t give any result then be fearless and file a police complain. In such cases if you will keep your mouth shut would be extremely harmful for you.

Every human being irrespective of his/her gender has right to live fearlessly with respect and dignity. If you want to know more on what you can do legally on the matter feel free to contact Lina Stillman a professional attorney knows the right way to deal the situation.

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