Why you should live the “Greek Summer” at least once in your life.

The mystagogy behind it that can restart your soul.

The funny side

You ‘ve probably heard of Greece and Greek Summer and think of it more like feta, tzatziki, mousaka, sea, sun and old - rude, but funny - people that will tour you around. If you follow the news you may know Greece due to economic crisis. If you ‘ve seen “My big fat greek wedding” you probably think of Greeks as funny, conservative people.

The other side

Some of these stereotypes are right but there is a soul trip behind the “Greek Summer” that can be magically healing.

So, I listed 5 ways you could heal yourself in Greece

  1. Feel the landscape

The experienced travellers don’t just visit the most popular places. Make roadtrips, cruises or huge walks around and get lost in the most astonishing views you could find. Just start walking and find out how your everyday problems no longer exist.

2. Go naked

Nudity can traditionally be a form of freedom and is the perfect way to heal your love-body issues. Spending some days in a nudist beach will make you love your curves, scarves and your skin.

3. Eat, swim, fall in love

Handmade grandma-like meals are everywhere in the greek islands. Taste them! Mediterranean nutrition can give you a huge healthy boost. Healthy food will give you a healthy soul and mind. And keep in mind that that such a lifestyle can also help you fall in love. Relax and maybe your soulmate is closer than ever.

4. Mingle with locals

Everyone is quite outgoing during summer. People gather in groups and go out for walks or dinner, most of them meet new people and dance all night outdoors. There are festivals and artistic activities everywhere. Music and wine live on every street. Introduce yourself and you will see that you won’t be alone anymore. Someone will always be there to beat your sorrow and loneliness.

5. Forget about money

Greece ,in general, is a cheap destination for vacations and much cheaper when you go camping or visit the - not that luxury - islands (aka not Mykonos & Santorini). Whether you are wealthy or not chances are that you can stay cool even with 300$/month! That will give your mind the signal that money is not as important as we usually think and help you relax. Plus, wealthy and poor people live together. Sea and sun can’t have a price. Right?

So, book a ticket and let us know. We may meet you in Greece this summer :)