Overgrowth of the Digital Economy (and what to do about it)
Emaline Friedman

OK, I’m just now starting to understand the meta-issue here. Correct me if I’m wrong. It’s this:

Corporations are building psychological profiles of individuals, and then pushing them into bad behavior patterns (pushing adverts at shop-o-holics) or using that data to deny services (e.g. deny insurance to members of the motorcycles-without-a-helmet club) or deliver propaganda (e.g. posting “Hillary eats aborted babies for breakfast” ads to social conservatives)

So its not about social media, per-se, or apps, per se, or communities, or curating the big-data that they generate — its that the availability of such fine-grained data can be used for nefarious purposes, and we must protect against that.

Sorry for being such a dolt. All the blather about “decentralized” and “blockchain” and “apps” confused me.