Mistplay is an app that allows you to play mobile games in exchange for gift cards.

Mistplay has over 60 mobile games that you can play for loyalty rewards points.

Mistplay is the brainchild of Montreal-native Henri-Charles Machalani who started working on the app at night while still employed at Microsoft.

The app, available on the Google Play Store, allows users to accumulate points by playing mobile games that are exchangeable for gift cards at select stores.

Similar to the loyalty rewards programs of brick and mortar stores, players can accumulate points on Mistplay in exchange for gift cards by spending money on the game. However, it is also possible to obtain points for free simply by playing the games.

More and more people are working from home and here’s why.

This is what an employee at LINC Interactionarchitects, a Munich-based digital product design startup, said despite the fact that she lives hours away from the head office.

Indeed, interactions like these are a common occurrence when you’re working remotely. This is part of the growing home office work style trend.

Despite being spread out across…

icebauhaus is spurring social change in East Africa and Southeast Asia. How? Through user-centered design projects and interdisciplinary collaboration.

In order to cause concrete change and cater to people’s needs, you need to acknowledge their context. You cannot enable technological development or trigger social change without understanding the people who will be using the new products or technology.

icebauhaus knows this. And they also know that user-centered design isn’t only applicable to consumer products; it can also be applied to technological development and activist initiatives.

icebauhaus, based in Weimar, Germany aims at fostering technological innovation, sustainable business development and entrepreneurial thinking in local environments. So far most of their work has been in East Africa and Southeast Asia.


A whole new fleet of mental health mobile apps have hit the market, treating everything from alcoholism to schizophrenia. Will they be able to reduce the extraordinary waiting times for mental health patients?

Average waiting times for mental health patients worldwide are too long. In Germany the average waiting time is 19.9 weeks. In the U.K., it is estimated that around 25% of mental health patients wait more than 3 months and 6% at least a year. This wait to access causes symptoms to exacerbate or become chronic. A Royal College of Psychiatrists survey found that in the U.K. more than a third (37%) of those who faced a wait to access specialist help saw their mental health deteriorate during that time. …

People are asking for a privacy-focused, more democratic internet. Blockchain is the answer. But it’s not catching on. This is why.

Internet use and services based on blockchain can decentralize and democratize the Internet

Blockchain is the stepping stone towards a more democratic internet. It can foster the adoption of a user-centric web where users fully own their data, identity and digital assets. Its aim is to provide an interface for anyone to access, own and manage their own digital lives in a decentralized web.

Blockchain represents the original dream of an independent and free internet.

When the World Wide Web became publicly available in 1991, everyone believed in its transformative, democratizing and revolutionary powers. John Perry Barlow, a cyberlibertarian political activist, published “A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace” in 1996. In it…

Circular Design is not just a design philosophy — it also aims to restore natural capital.

Right now our entire economy is designed around a line. This linear way of thinking means things are designed according to a 3-step life cycle: take, make, waste. This way you can create something out of nothing, but at the end the product has no value.
And, unfortunately, this way of designing is messing up the planet.

But imagine you could bend that line until it turns into a circle. This would mean a product’s life cycle doesn’t end in a garbage dump — or best of all, the product retains its value indefinitely.

This brilliant new design philosophy is…

With this mobile app you can now pre-order food and other products at select Berlin train stations in order to save time and skip the line.

Picture this: You are on a train to Berlin and you are hungry. You have to rush to a meeting as soon as you arrive. All you want is to eat food the moment you set foot in the train station. You don’t have a minute to spare and you cannot afford to wait in line to order and get your food at the station. You don’t even have time to order and wait for takeout food online once you’ve arrived. Your mind is swirling: what to do?!

Before, you would have been out of luck — either going to…

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