Campaign Hits Funding Goal in 16 Minutes, Raised Almost $13k in the First Hour and Shows No Sign of Slowing As Pledges Flood In for Multi-Purpose Tool Designed for the New Normal.

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OTTAWA, ON — September 2nd, 2020 — A Kickstarter Campaign to launch LINC, the new contact-free everyday carry tool, hit its funding goal in just 16 minutes raising almost $13k in the first hour.

Designed to help people get back to living life to the fullest in a safe and hygienic way, LINC is a multi-purpose tool that provides a contact-free way to turn doorknobs, press buttons, touch screens, navigate public transit and more. …

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LINC Inventor, Troy Crosby.

Imagine having peace-of-mind in a COVID world, any time you step outside your home.

Picture doing all sorts of things without the fear of picking up or spreading germs and viruses. Opening doors. Using an ATM. Pressing elevator buttons.

Now, stop imagining: because it’s all actually possible.

Say hello to LINC.

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Handle life — without handling things at all!

LINC is just that: it provides a link between you and the outside world.

At a quick glance, you would think this little piece of metal couldn’t embody so much power.

But it does: by replacing the use of your hands in turning doorknobs, pressing buttons, touching screens, and navigating public washrooms and transit in a contact-free, hygienic and safe way. …

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Inventor. Machinist. Programmer. Designer. College instructor. Father. Puppy and bird owner. Hockey, golf, and football fan.

And now … COVID-19 superhero?

Okay, maybe “superhero” is a bit much.

But Ottawa native Troy Crosby is intent on saving countless lives amidst the global pandemic — and he has developed a one-of-a-kind product that just may flatten that curve for good.

It’s called LINC.

Product innovation: how to make a difference?

Throughout his 15-year career, Troy has developed manufacturing processes and products and taught dozens of others how to do the same.

Since 2014, Troy has been an operations manager, CNC programmer, and machinist at Excel Precision Machining Inc. in Ottawa, Ontario, producing high-tech custom parts for the aerospace, aviation, military defence, and medical industries. …

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