Your troll skills are even worse than the last one’s was.
Son of Roxie

Did you just refer to William as a “fan girl”?? Sounds like a gay slur to me you pathetic piece of stupidity. I can just feel the vibes of the loving Christian pouring out of you right now :)

BTW James I am, gay, which I’m sure you guessed, because of our shared “gaydar”. Knowing this, I can only guess this “sisterhood”, you are talking about betraying, means your “wife” and / or mother is a lesbian? You really need to stop projecting your anger and gay phobia onto everyone else. I know you were probably raised to despise homosexuality but there isn’t anything wrong with being gay, so take the burden off of your back, just except the real you and stop bullying everyone else because of your own self hatred. If Jesus was here right now, he would tell you the same thing, because he is the one that asked me to send you this message…

…And this song, from the ultimate lesbian sister, herself, Xena Warrior Princess!

Stop hating, stop hurting, and forgive yourself because gay, is ok.👌