Ivana Knezevic

I agree IQ tests are not universally valid and there is automatically some bias just because these tests are not created by diverse social classes or cultures, so if one is part of the “outgroup” you are already less likely to score as high on a standard IQ test. And by the way, FB tests and dollar apps are not an IQ tests. But the popularity of these show how important it is throw that score up in people’s faces, especially on social media.

If one is actually given an IQ test, it is generally as a child, with a psychological evaluation and some sort 3 dimensional dexterity type of evaluation, either because #1 a child is having problems or, to get one’s child into a special private school where there is a waiting list. As adults, those who wish to take their online “IQ” tests and pronounce their brilliance, is because a low IQ = mentally retarded for most, which is an embarrassment.

And if one cannot perform these ridiculous tasks, so what? In reality the test means nothing, but in human nature it means one is of less value. For some, being branded with a low IQ, is going to shape ones early years if the parents don’t intervene. Multiple tests should be used to locate strength and weakness in order to provide the best learning experience possible but instead is used to divide others.

However, being branded with a genius IQ and tossed in gifted and talented programs is also a brand I wouldn’t wish on anyone because everything you do is judged and held up to ridiculous expectations. An “A”, why not an “”A+”? Anything less then spectacular means you are an underachiever that doesn’t try hard enough and therefore a failure that has wasted “God’s Gift”.

Either way, low, or high IQ, you are fucked.