Unfortunately, engaging in such business transactions is illegal in most states, and results in…
William O. Pate II

…. Prostitution is illegal, still continues, and is overlooked. Homemade meth and crack houses, continue and are overlooked.

Actually, the American Revolution was quite illegal and the behavior prior to The American Revolution would be considered terroristic activities by today‘s standards. And really, what was the Revolution all about? Just a bunch of people that didn’t want to pay their taxes. Not paying taxes now: illegal. Slavery was once legal and still is, it was just moved to countries, which Walmart, who you now promote, instead of allowing other’s to make their own business decisions, utilize, in abundance.

You, as well as I, know home grow set ups are generally overlooked by the police because the police are too busy writing traffic tickets and railroading people into DWI convictions. Unless of course your are Mr Wolff …lol

There is where your money is as well as the Texas lottery, as another example; gambling is illegal but the the lottery is somehow not gambling, therefore legal and making shitloads of money. Tell me, where does all of that money go?

Oh, and I thought the point was to help the south. How does working at Walmart, being poor as fuck, NOT able to live on minimum wage and having to live off of assistance, help anyone?

If you promote Walmart, not choice, you promote the unrelenting failure of humanity.