You are correct Mariah Adams .
Ivana Knezevic

You make some valid points such as nothing beating the feeling of loving another or being loved, but then the question becomes, is one just in love with the idea of love and is that really love or what is love, exactly? I think love is rather subjective.

Like, very much attracts like, and I do not mean in a superficial way such as looks, exact same interests and so on.. but people with demons attract others, with demons and if cannot get past mistrust, shitty expectations and insecurity it will end with either one or both destroyed. If really love someone and are that damaged and they are that damaged, plus no one or only one, is attempting to change some very destructive personality issues, then need to love enough to let go of the relationship.

As I write this all can hear in my head, is this song….

Some, are in a self imposed prison for a reason /reasons.

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