99 ways to beat him?
Susan Levine

ok, fine…only 55 :) Look, friend — I am sorry you seem to see this in such sigular, binary light. As I wrote, I agree with the obivous “ism’s” that were at play…only a fool (and no true progressive) would deny otherwise. but she lost at the end of the day because she could not beat a psychopath who lobbed grenades of bigotry at every turn. I refuse to because unless we progressives look in the mirror, control what we can control, this could be a disturbing trend…tho deep down I hope and think it’s the death knell of the GOP as currently constituted, and the death throes of a kicking and screaming group of white people, mostly older/male, that highly identify by race. That’s all I’ve got, thanks for the exchange. Clearly, as evidenced by this sad election, we need more with the whole rainbow!

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