A Song of Ice and Hot Takes

The Destiny of the Dragon Queen — Season 7 Preview, Contd.

Last week we discussed the key players in the North, heading into the Season 7 premier of “Game of Thrones” this weekend. Today we’ll start our discussion of the faction of major characters that don’t yet know of the true battle between the living and the dead, and really it all starts and ends with Daenerys Targaryen.

Daenerys Targaryen — Brace yourselves Westeros, the Mother of Dragons is coming. Daenerys finally has her army. She has what would essentially be her advisors in court by her side, she has a fleet of ships, and most importantly she has her three dragons. The cupboard is fully stocked and Dany is ready for a fight. The question is, what fight will she choose to engage in? For most of her adult life Daenerys has dreamt of the Iron Throne, of taking back her family’s position of power in Westeros. But it feels like now Dany is set for the most important decision of her life: grab what she’s always thought she wanted (the Iron Throne), or do what’s right (lead her army North to fight the White Walkers).

Where is she?: Crossing the Narrow Sea with her fleet of ships.

What will she do?: Our best guess is that she’s going to land at Dragonstone, an island off the coast of King’s Landing that is the ancestral seat of her family and also the one place in the world we know of that coincidentally has a shitload of Dragonglass that can be mined — remember that other than Valyrian Steel, Dragonglass is the only thing we know of that can kill the White Walkers. Could this be the reason Jon Snow travels to Dragonstone? If you remember, Stannis Baratheon used to be the Lord of Dragonstone, and at the Wall he told Jon that Dragonstone was filled with Dragonglass, so Jon knows that this valuable weapon exists in abundance on this island. He may venture there for that reason, without even realizing that on the island are three dragons themselves and their ferocious mother.

But back to Dany, I believe that we have already seen exactly what Daenerys will do in the next two seasons of the show. If you’ll recall when Daenerys was in Qarth, her dragons were stolen by that creepy bald dude named Pyat Pree. She then had to go retrieve them from the House of the Undying.

Creepy bald dude who stole Dany’s dragons.

Yep, that’s him. Anyways, while in the House of the Undying, Daenerys experienced three abstract visions that I don’t think were random, I think they were prophecy. The first vision was of the throne room in King’s Landing. The ceiling had been destroyed (maybe the result of Dragons burning it?) and it looked a bit like a ruin, and it was snowing. She sees the Iron Throne in the distance and walks towards it, she reaches out to touch it, to finally grab the thing she’s always wanted but at the last second she hears a shriek and turns and walks away.

The destroyed throne room covered in snow, in Dany’s first vision.

I think this means Daenerys will turn her attention towards King’s Landing and attack Cersei and the Lannisters in hopes of attaining the Iron Throne, only to have something distract her and shift her attention elsewhere right as she’s about to finally grab the thing she’s wanted for so long.

She reaches for the Iron Throne, but at this moment is distracted by a scream and turns away.

Daenerys walks away from the Iron Throne and the next vision we see is of her walking through the tunnel at the Wall as she walks into a snow storm north of the Wall.

This seems obvious enough, Daenerys is going to have the Iron Throne right in front of her, before turning and leading her army north to the real fight. She’ll walk straight into the storm that is the White Walkers.

The third and final vision Daenerys has in the House of the Undying comes as she’s standing north of the Wall in the midst of the storm. In the distance she sees a tent and walks towards it. Inside the tent she sees her husband Khal Drogo alive and well, and in his arms is their son Rhaego who died in the womb. Rhaego looks to be about one-year-old and is healthy and smiling. Daenerys reaches down and touches and hugs both of them. She’s reunited with the people she really loved. The thing she really wanted all this time.

The chronology of Daenerys’ visions.

While we saw in the visions, Daenerys reach for the Iron Throne, she didn’t actually touch it, the only thing in these visions we see her touch is the family she wanted but never had. I suspect that this means Dany is going to die while fighting the White Walkers and be reunited with her husband and son in the afterlife, or as the Dothraki call it “The Night Lands.”

All this time she had convinced herself she wanted power, but if you think about it, the only reason she wanted the Iron Throne was because it was a symbol of her once powerful family. All that Daenerys has ever really wanted was family and in the end that’s what she’ll have.