Countering Democratic Rollback

The Trump administration has ushered in a period of democratic rollback. It is not clear where it will lead or how it will end, but every day we see our democratic institutions being undermined and attacked by this administration.

This is not occurring in a global vacuum, but is consistent with developments we have seen over the last decade or so in countries Turkey, Israel, Hungary and Russia, to name a few. Rather than holding on to the hope that our institutions will magically rebound or that offenses that would have gotten any previous president impeached will be enough to get Trump impeached, we should learn from the experiences of these countries.

We should also learn from the people of countries like Ukraine, Georgia and others who have ousted these regimes through peaceful and legal means. I have spent decades working, teaching, studying and writing about democracy and democratic rollback all over the world. I recently gave a talk about this topic to a meeting of Indivisible Brooklyn. Here is a link to that talk. I hope you will take a look.