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  1. George Hill ($1)
  2. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope ($1)
  3. Kawhi Leonard ($5)
  4. Giannis Antetokounmpo ($3)
  5. Karl-Anthony Town ($4)
  6. Zach Lavine ($1)

Nothing but arms inside the 3pt line, we saw that that was able to give the warriors fits in the OKC series. Kawhi checks the hottest scorer on GS, Giannis or KCP depending on the matchup guard the next best scorer (Giannis on KD, KCP on curry or Thompson). KAT is on Draymond, Green had a lot of trouble against OKCs big Bigs, Towns is almost as big as them but is much closer to Draymond in terms of athleticism. Hill’s job is to keep the team defence and offence humming, especially focusing on ball movement on offence, and keeping players accountable for team defence.

Giannis runs as the point forward, but if he gets in trouble with Curry or Klay Guarding him Hill can take over.

Zach Lavine off the bench as the sixth man for buckets.

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