I believe that interaction with nature could definitely help the issue that I am working on this semester which is inequality in education. What came to mind when I was trying to combine nature with helping children of all areas have an equal opportunity for education was the fact that nature is one of the few things in society that is mostly free to access. This means that as long as impoverished areas are able to supply some sort of outdoor learning environment, there is an endless amount of ways that nature can be used in a teacher’s lesson plans. Teachers can take their class out into nature and use their environment as a means of teaching science, connecting to stories that they read in class, and there are even ways that math can be incorporated into nature. Nature does not change between affluent suburbs and inner city neighborhoods, which is what would allow it to be an equal tool for educating children. Additionally, places such as the urban ecology center provides communities with an area to bring their students to learn about nature and everything that we can glean from it. I think that it would be extremely beneficial for all towns to have a center of some sort like the urban ecology centers.

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